PineHaven Village HOA

Pinehaven Village Association, Inc
1018 Pinehaven Drive
New London, NC 28127

Greetings to Pinehaven Owners and Residents

The Pinehaven Village Council has been working to establish a list of priorities to enhance our community. You, our owners and neighbors, are a critical part of establishing those priorities. At its October meeting, council members created the following list of priority issues to be addressed.

Condition of Pinehaven Streets – The majority of our streets are not maintained by the state, they are private, owned by the Association. Recent and on-going work by Handy Sanitary and Randolph Telephone has left many in poor condition.

Maintenance of Village Common Areas – Pinehaven Village has three beaches and a boat launch for use by its members. Keeping grass cut, trash picked up, and monitoring to prevent abuse is an on-going challenge. Parking for these areas is also a major concern.

Over all Appearance – Many complaints about the appearance of the Village have come before the council. Abandon trailers, campers and general “junk” clutter some properties. These create safety and health problems as well as diminishing the value of your investment here on the lake. Absentee owners allowing their lots to become over grown and landlords not monitoring the actions of tenants has raised the concerns of residents and law enforcement.

Slow and weak payment of Association Annual Dues – Pinehaven Village has one of the lowest annual dues assessments in the state, $70.00 per year. Property owner’s dues are the only way the council has of paying for street maintenance, maintenance of our beaches and boat launch and up-grades to our Village. Every year the council mails dues statements to property owners. Response to these mailings is slow and sadly some owners just ignore the statements all together.

The council has undertaken the task of revising the By-Laws of the Association to address some of the issues in its priority list. We have secured some free legal assistance to aid in this process and plan to have the revised By-Laws ready to distribute to the members by spring. If you have suggestions of items you would like to have considered in the revision of the By-Laws please mail them to the Association by January 1st. The council will also be launching a website to better communicate with owners. The development of this web presence is made possible by the generous volunteer efforts of Mr. Brent Rabe, a Pinehaven owner.

What does Pinehaven need from you? The village needs for you to get involved in the future of Pinehaven Village. This spring we will be electing council representatives, I urge you to submit your name to be placed on the ballot. New and fresh ideas are important to helping us move forward. Be a role model for your lake neighbors; make sure your property is maintained and free from unsightly clutter. If you have not paid your annual dues then pay them now. Let your council representatives know your thoughts and concerns.


Jody Minor